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Pressure Gauges Pressure Gauges

General Purpose Gauges

These gauges are ideal for measuring Air, Oil Gases and Liquids that are not corrosive to copper, oil and steel. These are best for used in general Industrial Applications such as Boilers, Pumps, Compressors, Machinery's, Process S Chemical Plants. Case and Bezel is drawn steel with black finish and is available in Bottom, Back Connection, Direct Mounting, Surface Mounting and Flush Panel Mounting. These are available in all standard process connections NPT, BSP etc. It possesses Accuracy of ± 2% and is available in Dial Sizes of 40, 50, 63, 80,100,150 and 250 mm. 

Diaphragm Type Gauges

These gauges can be used for corrosive gases and liquids. Diaphragm Material is made with Stainless steel and Teflon protection. The Case Material is of pressure die cast aluminum, steel or stainless steel in addition to the Wetted parts of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel which is available in all standard process connections NPT, BSP etc. It has accuracy of ± 1 % and has the dial Size of 100 mm and 150 mm. Pressure Ranges from 40 millibar to 600 Millibar and 0-1 kg/cm2 up to 0.21 kg/cm2.

Industrial Gauges

These gauges work best for Chemical and Fertilizer Plants, Refineries, Power Stations, as the gauges are installed outdoors. We offer Measuring System of Phosphor bronze, Brass, SS 316 or Monel. The Case of die cast aluminum with screwed bezel black finish or epoxy coated is also available. These are Weatherproof and dust proof Ip55 and have Accuracy ± 1 %. The Dial Size is 100,150 and 250 mm which are available in all standard process connections, Ranges from - 760 mmHg to 0 to 1000 kg/cm2 and Receiver Gauge Input Pressure is 3 to.15 psi OR 0.2 to 1 kg/cm2.

Low Pressure Capsule Type Gauges

These gauges works best for measuring low pressure of non-corrosive gases, commercial heating, gas distribution and filtration. The measuring system of Brass or S3 304 Capsules and Case Material cast aluminum is available. These low pressure capsule type gauges are available in pressure range 0.50 mm WC up to 1000 mm WC in pressure, vacuum and compound ranges. These are available in all standard process connections NPT, BSP etc; id dial sizes 100 mm and 150 mm with an accuracy of ±2%.

Liquid Filled Gauges

These gauges are suitable where pressure gauge is subjected to harsh circumstances. The filled liquid inside the gauge protects the internal parts against vibrations and also lubricates and protects from harsh conditions. The case is manufactured in stainless steel or Mild Steel and it is filled with Glycerin or Silicon Oil. This is available in Dial Size 63,100 and 150 mm with Accuracy ± 1 % or ± 2% Measuring system of phosphor bronze, brass, SS or Monel are manufactured in standard pressure ranges from 0-1 kg/cm2 up to 0.1000 kg/cm2. These are available in all standard process connections NPT, BSP etc.

Diaphragm sealed gauges

The Diaphragm sealed gauges are recommended where fluid is highly corrosive, contaminated, and viscous or may crystallize inside measuring system. The gauge above the diaphragm seal is packed with appropriate oil that transmits the pressure acting on the diaphragm to bourdon tube diaphragm, which is welded to the upper part of sealed unit. This makes it easier to separate the upper and lower parts, in order to clean the diaphragm without removing the gauge. Diaphragm can be ANSI 316 of Tantalum, Hastelloy C and Monel. Pressure gauge can be of Type 1.3 and 5 and process connection with Standard threads or flanged connection confirming to ANSI, BS or DIN Specification. These are available in dial size 100 mm and 150mm. It has an accuracy of ± 1 % in all standard ranges.

Compact Capsule Gauges

These gauges are meant for measuring low pressure or vacuum normally Air or Gas. These are available in dial size 63, 100 and 150 mm with a specification for mounting and connection with M. S. Case or cast aluminum weatherproof case. These have an accuracy of 63 mm± 3% and 100 and 150 mm ± 2%. These have Standard pressure range in mm WC, mBar and inches of water column and are available in Ranges from 25 mBar upto 400 mBar.

Test Gauges

Originally test gauges are used in laboratories for testing and inspection of other gauges as well as for high accuracy measurement. These have an accuracy of ± 0.5% and ± 0.6 in type 8 and ±0.25% of RS.D. Each test gauge is undergoes on Dead Weight Tester and Test Certificate of Calibration TRACEABLE TO NATIONAL STANDARDS confirming to ISO 9000 necessities. These are available in dial size 150 and 250 mm and are manufactured in all standard ranges in pressure or Vacuum in kg/cm2 and psi.

Contact Gauges

Contact gauge works ideally where control of pressure and for audible or visible alarms is required. Contact gauges are provided with single, double or triple contacts which are amendable all over the range with various modes of switching action. It allows the alternative of low action normal contact, snap action magnetic contact or inductive contact; these are manufactured in Bottom / Back connection and Direct / Surface / Panel mounting. These are offered in dial size 100 mm and 150 mm and in all standard ranges.

Differential Pressure Gauges

The differential pressure gauge consists of 2 bourdon tubes, out of which one is meant for highland and the other for low pressure line. The pointer of the instrument provides direct reading off differential pressure. Each bourdon tube can acquire maximum pressure limit of 1.3 times the highest range shown on the dial. These gauges are manufactured in dial size 150 mm and with pressure range from 0-t kg/cm2 upto 1000 kg/cm2, in addition to an accuracy rate of ± 1%.

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